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Hi Mick

Have now established that the btvision set top box will only connect if it receives a ip address in the range

When we got the Vigor router to give out within this range it works
However once we set up the router with a VPN tunnel back to the work network it needs to be on a different range (192.168.10. xxx)

Is there any way to change the set up on the bt vision / pace DiT 7431-05-3/405 set top box to operate over different ip range?

Unless there is it looks like I will have no option but to get a second telephone line and broadband connection which seems excessive

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide

Hi there

This is a long shot but just maybe you can help me with the problem I have with my BT Vision set top box which is actually the Pace DIT7431.

I have been using this without problem with my BT Infinity fibre optic broadband for some months. However I now need to set up a VPN connection to my office and this is not possible with the bt supplied Home Hub.

The IT support company from work have therefore supplied me with a Draytek Vigor 2850 vdsl router.

We set this up and it worked fine until I tried using the bt vision box. Unfortunately we could not get it to connect to the Internet. The router was giving out an ip address to the device but something is preventing it connecting and enabling me to access the on demand services.

Can anyone advise what may be preventing connection and suggest how this problem can be overcome?