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Linux / How to load ucodes
11. Jan 2010, 13:53
Hi @all.

I would like to understand how the loading of ucodes works.
I have a Pirelli HY100, now I'm using the azbox porting from mce2222 that works properly with llad.ko and em8xxx.ko.

I would like to understand:
1 - Why I can't use the original Pirelli modules (llad and em8xxx) rather than azbox?
If I use the Pirelli modules, the insmod operation completes successfully but the GUI doesn't appear (via scart).

2 - Why I can't load Pirelli xrpc files extracted from /dev/mtd*?
The irq_handler works but all other modules return a RM_BUSY error.
I tried with xrpc command (only llad.ko insmodded and /dev/em8xxx0 absent) and with ruaxrpc command (both llad.ko and em8xxx.ko insmodded).

3 - The loading procedure of xrpc files before the kernel start is only used to load the boot splash? Or is it mandatory for the audio/video decoding during the normal operations?

Thank you.