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Sonstiges / x300t filtering vuvuzelas
17. Jun 2010, 01:07
Well, is not exactly the x300t that is filtering vuvuzelas, but Portugal Telecom's Meo iptv service(mediaroom based) came up with a clever aproach for filtering the vuvuzelas: 
Microsoft just announced Mediaroom 2.0 at CES, Windows Media Center will finally have a tv2client :)
Anyone knows any online app(from any provider) based on MS Mediaroom Presentation Foundation-MPF(Tasman successor for building mediaroom based interactive applications) ??

WinCE / TV2xmlDecrypt
29. Aug 2009, 19:14
In the fallowing days i will post a detailed explanation of how the XML is encrypted and how the aes key and certificates are exchanged during the bootstrap... in the mean time... here is the code...
Software / ThomsonIP1101 tv2client
19. Aug 2009, 02:09
Anyone have a dump of the tv2client version of ThomsonIP1101(or any other STB without Sigma's SMP)? I know that such firmware is old and very different from the actual tv2client, but i want to take a look...

I've looked into a firmware from a German IPTV provider using ThomsonIP1101, but i couldn't find tv2client...

03. Aug 2009, 01:29
Can someone comment on my (very)summarized description(and probably wrong) of the DRM used in tv2 that i posted here:

Also, i would like to know how the "x300t client<->server xml communication dump" dump available in the wiki as made.

I noticed that "x-tv2-auth-svrMsgNonce" appears to be some kind of sequence number witch is incremented by 1 in each soap call(probably to avoid replay attacks???)

About the "x-tv2-auth-ticket" :They appear to be the same in every soap call(on the same session) are they a encrypted AES key to decrypt the soap call??? (probably base64 encoded and encrypted with RSA???)

On MS mediaroom website, it says that the mediasharing feature has video support ( Has anyone seen any firmware with that? what about BTvision beta? does it support video?
Software / RemoteKeys
24. Apr 2009, 20:21
Anybody find something about RemoteKeys besides what's already in the forum? ( )

I can connect via telnet on port 8082, the box responds with "hello", then ignores any commands that i type.
Software / Questions
24. Nov 2008, 03:31
Since i am Portuguese,i don't speak German, i usually use Google translate tools to read the German posts, the problem is that Google messes up everything and i can barely understand what are you talking about, so i have a couple of questions for you...

- What are xtasks? As far as i understood, they are some kind of applications that you can execute on XPU, they are arranged in slots(i.e. you upload xtask X in XPU/XOS slot Y) So, the Video decoder uCode is a xtask? The same with the audio decoder and demuxer? They are xtasks? You can communicate with these xtasks or the xos via XRPC? Am i right?

- In the Portugal Telecom MEO firmware package the is 4 files in the root folder(XTLBoot.bin, XTUBoot.bin, XTLApp_1.2_XosE0.bin and XTUApp_1.2_XosE0.bin) What they represent? Also, the naming scheme is a bit odd, what is XTU, XTL, XTA?

- As far as i understood, we can't run the Linux version(i.e. the Popcorn version) of the audio/video uCodes because they are signed with a different certificate? So, what's stopping us from loading the WinCE version of these uCodes? Where they are located? Are they these files i mentioned in my last question?

- In PDA/Windows Mobile world the is a standard WinCE app called hret that can boot Linux from Windows Mobile by jump'ing into linux kernel directly from windows mobile, if we use that technique to boot linux from an already initialized WinCE with uCodes already loaded, in theory it should work... Anybody tried this?

-Where is the bootstrap/discovery address hard-coded in stb? In IPTV boot loader?

PS- the discovery address of Portugal Telecom's MEO iptv service is, you can add it to wiki (doesn't work using normal internet connection)
Has anyone access to this sdk? ( Yes, i know is just an emulator of talisman browser and some tech docs, but i want to try if a can make a youtube client(like and using some hacking to get h.264 streams instead of flv_video) using php/xhtml/javascript (sdk includes documentation on how to use javascript to manipulate/render network streams, right?)

Anyone know what's the level of standards compliance of talisman xhtml/javascript? (yes, i know its based on IE, so obvious i'm not expecting much...)

Does it support xhtml overlay on video?

Software / Some Questions
07. Feb 2008, 02:09
- How the patch to disable the signature check works? I know from the wiki that the bootloader is encrypted and signed, however, the XPU stores it in ram unencrypted, so this means the patch is only temporary, and every time we reboot the box, the bootloader goes to its original condition?

- What we know about communications with bootstrap.asmx, and exactly how the box logins on provider´s server? It logins with what? I don´t think it´s a username/password, but it has to be something.
Maybe the webservices used in bootstrap is based on Microsoft Connected Services Framework (on MSDN, it shows some methods related to iptv)

- What exactly is the role of MAC addr in the login authentication? I heard that STB´s MAC needs to be "authorized" to work. Is possible to modify MAC? The wiki says XENV has a SHA1 hash of its contents, but is encrypted or signed?

-TV2client is a CLR binary, in theory it should run out-of-box on a pc, probably is dependent on some non-managed DLL Anybody explored this?

-Will SMP direct JTAG connection give access to XPU? How exactly the communication between WinCE and XPU works? (i am not talking of boot process, but how about WinCE/tv2client retrieves the keys) 

- I know there is some STBs based on SMP using Linux, but where is the source? Linux is GPL, they legally have the provide us the source, at least the kernel, its drivers and other GPLed applications that they chose to use (like busybox).

- Anybody knows what is the server that is used for firmware downloads for MEO service(IPTV in portugal)?