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WinCE / Re: tv2remotekeys ?
21. Jan 2014, 21:03
Well, that's easy... According to the folder for MIPS CPUs is 4000...

The problem is... I'm quite sure the autorun functionality is implemented by the Windows shell (explorer.exe or whatever they use on Windows Mobile)

And the STB isn't running the shell :)
WinCE / Re: tv2remotekeys ?
14. Oct 2013, 21:59

It's a silver box running Windows CE. It has not been chipped or modified in anyway.

So this must mean a modified box is required to get tv2remotekeys.exe running and ready to accept commands on port 8082.

No, it depends, some providers have tv2remotekeys.exe enabled on their STBs... some not...

If tv2remotekeys is not enabled on your STB, you can enable it, but you'll need to patch the MS(err... now Ericsson...) bootloader...

The only other way I can think of to get tv2remotekeys.exe running on an unmodified box is to make use of the Windows CE Autorun facility and have an .exe on a usb stick that is set to run "C:\Windows\tv2remotekeys.exe". When I plug a usb stick into the BT Vision box, its light flashes, so Windows CE is reading it looking for an autorun. In fact, one of my USB sticks makes the BT Vision box freeze until I remove it.

LOL :) Easy, Cowboy... That will not not work :)
I'm not even sure WinCE implements Autorun...

Or if I could get back into the secret menu and run the Ajax/CSS test and make it load a specially crafted gif/jpg to execute custom code.

You don't need that Secret Menu, just use Wireshark then load some interative tv app from your provider... You will see tons of PNG/JPEGs...
Now, you can just set some form of dns spoofing and the STB will load your images...
Software / Re: Mediaroom 2.0.26130.102
30. Jun 2011, 01:15
Yes :( Unless you use Wireshark on a t-home customer home network to find the actually upgrade URL where the parts/pkg are, then upgrade it manual :)

I´ll get you a 2.0 image as soon it's available in Portugal, i'm hearing it will be avaliable in a few next weeks.
I'm not sure how long till they set the default version to 2.0, so the DRA can update the image to 2.0 but i'd say, when 70% or so customers are on 2.0.

I wasn't even aware the DRA upgraded the image without a subscription. I've never actually tried to sniff the network during DRA, but without a valid subscription, does the DRA establish a secure session with bootstrap.asmx? 
Software / Re: Mediaroom 2.0.26130.102
27. Jun 2011, 20:19
If Google translated your post correctly, you are asking if Mediaroom 1.6 is needed to upgrade to 2.0?

Well, not necessary, if providers have a 2.0 DRA avaliable, but all of them have 1.6 on DRA, so you need to upgrade to 1.6 first, then it will upgrade to 2.0.  This happens because upgrades are not being "forced"(yet) on the login/discovery process. Instead they are sending mediaroom notifications for clients to upgrade at random intervals to avoid overloading the update server.
If you are running mediaroom 1.2 you also need to upgrade to 1.6 first, because(at least in Portugal) 1.2 login is no longer configured at PT mediaroom servers anymore.
That post is two years old... But do you have some PF source?
Yes, it has... You cannot load any non signed firmware unless you have jtag access! Period!

Hi i have VIP1216, my set to box died some weeks ago but these pata hdds are still good and there are recorded data on it. But there is some kind of encryption i think because there is one partition with a folder called drvrol and there are my files. These files can be copied on my hdd but i cant open it. These files are with  *.SLC  content and now i do not know if is possible to open it or to extract it.

The *.SLC files are a kind of virtual filesystem to avoid the inherent fragmentation of the FAT32 filesystem(WinCE doesn't support NTFS AFAIK)
The mpeg transport streams are interleaved on those files... and... they are encrypted... so, no, you can't extract the recordings...

Another question - if i move these recorded files to same folder into my new set top box vip1216 it could be played (will they work?) ???

That may work... as long as the AccountID guid doesn't change... (the DRM keys are tied to specific account on the server) But i'm not sure... If that works, please post your results here...
Hardware / Re: VIP1216 as media center
26. Oct 2010, 15:51
Err... Did you guys knew that the forum has a search feature and a wiki?
I've unpacked the dra file in the past, i don't recall how exactly, but i think it's just signed hashes in ASCII fallowed by a couple of concatenated files, including a WinCE rom(which you can unpack with wince tools viewbin.exe/dumprom.exe) that contains the actual recovery firmware, you can ignore the other files, they're encrypted XPU apps...

Anyway, you can alter the rom contents, but the box will reject it, because if you do that, the rom hash will change(the one included at the top of the dra file) and you will not be able to sign the new hash...

If you're interested you can find the "normal" firmware for MEO boxes at
Sonstiges / x300t filtering vuvuzelas
17. Jun 2010, 01:07
Well, is not exactly the x300t that is filtering vuvuzelas, but Portugal Telecom's Meo iptv service(mediaroom based) came up with a clever aproach for filtering the vuvuzelas: 
Hardware / Re: CISCO CIS2001 IPTV STB
24. May 2010, 22:21
CIS2001 is basically a x301, so in theory, it should work.
Ok, send me a PM later.

About the security, while it could be just another layer of Windows CE security(most likely, i think), i can also be some kind of encryption related to Broadcom's SoC security co-processor. That WinCE filters you referred can use the co-processor to perform the decryption. What do you think?
Can you provide the BT firmware for that box? I would like to see what changes MS did to tv2client/tv2engine.
Software / Re: KMM 3010 help
04. Feb 2010, 18:55
No, there isn't... unless you can convince the call center lady to register that second box S/N on your account...
Microsoft just announced Mediaroom 2.0 at CES, Windows Media Center will finally have a tv2client :)