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As Mick said too much has changed for my patcher to work now. I haven't been involved much with this since I made that patcher as I've become a father, so I'm not sure what to suggest.

The watchdog isn't a big problem since you can patch out the calls to it in the application (I only disabled it in the DLL for debugging).

The main problem with the BT software is the TV2Client. The disassembled code I got took a lot of changes to get it even compiling, then many more to get it anywhere near working (we managed to get the menus working and get it tuning, that was about it). And it would take a lot of changes to make something useful, not to mention the massive overhead and bloat the application and disassembly procedure adds.

Therefore my opinion is that there should be a community effort to create a new TV client. I even started making one, however it's very basic, and doesn't even show anything on screen yet. Once I've sorted out the data on my old laptop I'll be able to post it (and probably end up with a load of PMs asking "why won't it work?" ::))

As for the protection of the current software version, there was something that was giving us some trouble, I think they've changed the way they're checksumming the files (no longer a booterce.exe). Mick should be able to give more info than this.
So what content are you hoping to access?
iptv (eg the Honda channel)
OnDemand (cut down subscription only version of iplayer + movies)

Personally I'm only interested in freeview, and other media sources such as local files (including on USB devices), and network streaming from another machine. From what I understand from Mulder3, there are people looking to get access to the IPTV service though.
Well, there are two groups of people in this forum, those who want to use the STB as media-center replacement, and those who want to use the iptv service in other devices, or on the STB itself but running Linux

Well I'd say I'm one of the people wanting to use the STB as an actual STB/DVR, and a media player, possibly with a 4od/BBC iPlayer frontend.

Since probably will never be possible to decrypt the iptv stream in other devices unless we can crack the XPU to get the rsa private keys, the option is to get Linux to decrypt the channels...

As far as I'm aware the private keys aren't in the XPU, nor would we need them to decrypt the channels, since they're signed by the content provider with the private keys and decrypted with the public keys (which I guess are 'private'ly stored on the XPU, is this what you meant?) I could be wrong, this isn't an area I've looked into much.

If that's what you guys are after perhaps someone could draw up a good diagram showing the whole DRM process on the box (I'd be willing if someone could explain the process to me.) This would help everyone get on the same page and we can figure out points of attack.
Hmmm, I think I'll pass on that :P

So what's the roadblock with the dvb-t drivers?
Are you talking about the IPTV service from BT? I have no plans of using that.
Linux / Porting Enigma2 to BT Vision Box
29. Jul 2009, 14:29
First of all, is the current state of Linux enough to start developing DVR applications?

If so, who would be interested in helping me port Enigma 2 to the BT Vision Box/X300? The parts I'll need help on are figuring out how to do all the linking, arch. porting etc, and interacting with the drivers. The higher level stuff is mostly done in Python so I can do a lot of that.
Hardware / Fixed the Reset Gremlins
17. May 2009, 01:31
After a challenging night (I've never been so close to believing in God as these nights where it seems he's against me every step of the way!) I've finally fixed the reset gremlins.

First of all, let's go into the details of why they happen:

I noticed that when hitting the reset switch (I've added a push button on the back that grounds the _reset line on the JTAG) the screen goes black, yet the modchip doesn't change to the yellow/orange LED (indicating a reset detection) for a few seconds. Further investigation shows the same thing on boot. So it seemed that the USB chip must be reset by the bootloader, since the reset detection LED change is instant.

This confused me a little, since if the bootloader is resetting it, the bootloader must have been loaded at that point, yet if you set the patch time to 0, it doesn't patch. Taking a peek at the modchip code I suddenly realized that the modchip starts up with the GFLAG_PATCHNEEDED set, so it straight away starts waiting, meaning that regardless of when the USB chip is reset it starts patching a certain time after boot, which is why it works on first boot.

So, how to fix this little problem. It was embarrassingly simple, simply comment out the line:

Code: [Select]

in main(), and set the PATCHWAITTIME to 0 in the x30Xtmodchip.h.

This way it always waits for the USB reset signal (which happens after the bootloader is loaded, but before the NK.BIN starts loading), and starts patching straight away, so it will always patch successfully.
Software / Re: BT Vision Beta Update
16. May 2009, 08:47
I'm a bit busy with some other things so I figured I'd throw these questions out there in case anyone feels like answering them, with the new software the booter.dll is gone, so LaunchApp has become TV2Engine_LaunchApp. Is the pinvoke still the same? Is there any sign of AppRunning, or more importantly KillApp? And even more importantly how are we going to load the USB driver now?

I know everybody is probably more interested in the Linux progress (nice work btw) but I'm still sticking to CE for the moment.
WinCE / Re: tv2remotekeys ?
11. May 2009, 12:09
Just to weigh in on the "/key" and "code" bit, I'm pretty sure this is a web API for it, but I can't find out where that gets started, if you navigate to "[boxip]:8082/key" in a browser it just sends the usual 'hello'. Perhaps it's a command line switch, but after the string comparisons on "/key" and "code" there's a lot of references to the HTTP strings, so I'm pretty certain that's what it does.
WinCE / Re: Patched Watchdog
05. Feb 2009, 23:58
That sounds like it's reading the wrong figure (it definitely shouldn't be that high!) which means it's trying to create a list with 691863584 items in it, no wonder it's running out of memory...has anyone tried it successfully on the German x300t?

bdn: are you sure the NK.BIN you have is original and not corrupted?
WinCE / Re: Patched Watchdog
12. Nov 2008, 12:32

Can you, guys, make the nk.bin patcher source avaliable?

It will be available soon :)

Tickling the watchdog will automagically start it, so your current approach would work as long as you modify the tickler to do nothing or stop instead of update the watchdog, or if you don't call ticklewatchdog at all.

Strange...not calling TickleWatchdog was the first thing I tried, but it had no effect.


I get System.OutOfMemoryException? :-\

If you're using the new version you should only need about 30MB of free space (.net has a fat ass :P), the old version requires more since it loads the whole NK.BIN into memory. Try freeing up some memory and trying again, if it still happens, try opening the task manager so you can see how much memory the program is taking up, and let me know.
WinCE / Re: Patched Watchdog
29. Oct 2008, 15:20
Ok, I'll recompile when I get home  :)

Thanks for the info, I took a more heavy handed approach and changed a branch instruction to branch around the timer setup, so it never starts up the watchdog, although admittedly this could cause problems say if TickleWatchdog is called (in my TV2Client I've commented out that call). I'm not so good at mapping assembly to API calls, the stack offsets never seem to match up right ???
WinCE / Patched Watchdog
29. Oct 2008, 11:49
I've managed to disable the Watchdog in TV2Client.dll, and I've updated isO-Micks NK Patcher on the Wiki to patch it. Test it out and let me know if you have any problems. ;D
Ok another problem, it won't load the symbol file. I've made sure the project outputs full debugging info, the pdb file is there, but if I try to load it manually it complains the symbol file doesn't match the module >:(
Doh! After all had just been assigned a different IP by the DHCP lol  :D