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Others / Re: Connecting via VPN or Prox...
Last post by mylo - 17. Apr 2014, 09:49
Hi Ross,

the media receiver normally has to be connected to 1 out of 2 special out of 4 ports on the router. "special" measn "multimedia enabled".
Besides the bandwidth  (what I think is a problem besides) I assume there is a problem with vpn and/or non Telekom specified router not transporting or destroying the multimedia funtionality on that port.
Others / Connecting via VPN or Proxy fr...
Last post by rosskopp - 19. Mar 2014, 03:16

i am trying to find out how to use my media box from Telekom in the USA to watch my shows from Germany.

here is what i have:
Telekom receiver X301T
Deutsche Telekom internet connection in Germany (Active)
VPN between two Fritz boxes from Germany to USA

how do i fool the Telekom receiver into thinking its in Germany by using either a VPN or Proxy connection back to my Deutsche telekom connection in Germany?

it seems that the VPN alone is not working because i get no connection to the Telekom Entertain service.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ross Kopp
Software / Re: BT Vision 2.0 Black Box li...
Last post by oscar - 01. Mar 2014, 15:09
Hello, Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me Is there anyone home !!

Picked up another of these boxes today  --- this one boots up with a different screen and works as a Freeview box.
The menu looks different.
Is there any way of sniffing the software off this one and using it in the other one?
Is this info on the hard drive or written into the board?
I haven't tried swapping the hard drives over to see if it will make the bad one work.

Any help appreciated --- even if you read this please just reply with a hello !!
WinCE / Re: tv2remotekeys ?
Last post by Mulder3 - 21. Jan 2014, 21:03
Well, that's easy... According to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa453696.aspx the folder for MIPS CPUs is 4000...

The problem is... I'm quite sure the autorun functionality is implemented by the Windows shell (explorer.exe or whatever they use on Windows Mobile)

And the STB isn't running the shell :)
WinCE / Re: tv2remotekeys ?
Last post by VisionUser - 14. Jan 2014, 16:22

I'm not even sure WinCE implements Autorun...

According to this website Windows CE does have autorun.

When a memory card is inserted into a Windows Mobile / Windows CE device, the OS automatically looks in a certain folder for a program named Autorun.exe. If that program is found, then it is immediately run. The folder in which the OS looks is going to depend on what type of processor the device has. For an overwhelming majority of Windows Mobile devices, that folder will be "/2577". Here is a table of the possible folder names for other Windows CE devices:Processor   Folder Name
ARM 720   1824
Arm 820   2080
ARM 920   2336
ARM 7TDMI   70001
Hitachi SH3   10003
Hitachi SH3E   10004
Hitachi SH4   10005
Motorola 821   821
SH3   103
SH4   104
Strongarm   2577

One of my USB flash drives will cause the BT Vision box to freeze when I insert it, so the USB port is indeed being read by Windows CE and it doesn't like that particular model of USB flash drive for some reason.
Hardware / MR 303 / neue Hardware in Sich...
Last post by jb24 - 01. Jan 2014, 16:05

hat sich jemand schon einmal den neueren Media Receiver 303 angeschaut? Gibt es da schon Möglichkeiten Ihn zu modifizieren? Irgendwelche Hacks bekannt?

Zudem weiss jemand, ob die Telekom ganz neue Hardware plant (neuer Media Receiver)?

Software / Re: BT Vision 2.0 Black Box li...
Last post by oscar - 17. Dec 2013, 17:38
I've been reading all over the place regarding the Black Pace BTVision + box.
I do not have a BT hub or BT BB.
I picked up one of these boxes and can download the software to it by holding buttons in etc (one cog 2 cogs etc) then I get a C03 error and that is the end of that.
If I press the "BT Vision" button on the remote when the box is setting up I can get to  a "channel scan" menu.
Selecting scan simply stays at 0%.
If I press the "ON Demand" button the box resets and sets up again.
A second press of the "On demand" button starts another software down load.

Any suggestions please ---keep it clean ?!!
Software / Re: BT Vision Box Hidden Menus
Last post by doobleshaft - 30. Nov 2013, 21:38

I lose my pretty poor BT Broadband in a few days time and so will lose this BT Vision Box too.

It could be interesting to find all the relevant info on each version of the boxes and collate it.

Questions I can think of which I need to research are:-

Dependent on whether my box is model that can be modded, which ATMEGA chip is the best one to use? There are a few and it looks like Arduino v3 may be a good way to work on them. USB programmers have been found too...

How do we get this hidden menu? This information does look like it may be a way to access useful features and has given some useful info but I'm not convinced a modified JPG/GIF will do it. Perhaps I'm wrong there though.

What software is available that anyone has been able to get to use on the box? For example has anyone got XBMC to work or are we as suggested on one thread better off sticking with Win CE?

It could be time for a new thread which brings the latest research with latest info together as most of the threads I've seen have been 2-3 years old. Once I lose the service I'll be happy to start modding it.
WinCE / Re: tv2remotekeys ?
Last post by Mulder3 - 14. Oct 2013, 21:59

It's a silver box running Windows CE. It has not been chipped or modified in anyway.

So this must mean a modified box is required to get tv2remotekeys.exe running and ready to accept commands on port 8082.

No, it depends, some providers have tv2remotekeys.exe enabled on their STBs... some not...

If tv2remotekeys is not enabled on your STB, you can enable it, but you'll need to patch the MS(err... now Ericsson...) bootloader...

The only other way I can think of to get tv2remotekeys.exe running on an unmodified box is to make use of the Windows CE Autorun facility and have an .exe on a usb stick that is set to run "C:\Windows\tv2remotekeys.exe". When I plug a usb stick into the BT Vision box, its light flashes, so Windows CE is reading it looking for an autorun. In fact, one of my USB sticks makes the BT Vision box freeze until I remove it.

LOL :) Easy, Cowboy... That will not not work :)
I'm not even sure WinCE implements Autorun...

Or if I could get back into the secret menu and run the Ajax/CSS test and make it load a specially crafted gif/jpg to execute custom code.

You don't need that Secret Menu, just use Wireshark then load some interative tv app from your provider... You will see tons of PNG/JPEGs...
Now, you can just set some form of dns spoofing and the STB will load your images...
Hardware / Media Receiver 303 Typ A
Last post by Hummelchen - 23. Sep 2013, 10:01
Guten Morgen!

Drei Fragen auch in dieser Rubrik zum o.a. Receiver!

1) Ist das der aktuelle Receiver der Telekom oder haben die mir hier eine alte Hardware geschickt (5€/Monatsmiete) und ich hätte eigentlich ein neueres Gerät bekommen sollen/müssen?
2) Wie kann man die Jugendschutz-PIN-Abfrage deaktivieren?
3) Gibt es eine Receiversoftware, die ggf. mehr Einstellmöglichkeiten/Optionen bietet als die Standard-Software?

Vielen Dank,
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