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Hardware / JTAG_ENABLE am SMP Vorgehenswe...
Last post by bebob - 11. Jul 2013, 16:26

ich wollte mal versuchen wie auf http://www.t-hack.com/wiki/index.php/EJTAG_on_SMP dargestellt den JTAG-Enable auf 3,3 V zu ziehen.

Ich habe die Stelle auf meinem Board gefunden, nur wie bekomme ich da nun am besten einen Kontakt.
Auf dem Bild sieht es so aus als ob der Rand etwas abgeschliffen wurde.

Hast das schon jemand so wie da beschieben angeschlossen, bzw hat Tips wie man da am besten vorgeht?

Software / Re: BTvision black box BT's na...
Last post by is0-mick - 24. Jun 2013, 11:05
Hi Steve,
Just wondering if they have they updated your box to the new linux version yet?

Hardware / BT Infinity Master Box
Last post by angbobian - 08. Jun 2013, 19:28
Hi Im new to here sorry if i have put this in the wrong section or maybe even wrong type of site  :)
Anyway i would like to know if I can Move my BT Master Box that has 2 sockets on it 1 for phone & 1 for the modem as i have had a fire installed i need to move TV and Box so i can connect the BT Vision box to TV and Modem
I now there is only 2 blue cables to move and i am quite capable and have tools to do so I do know im not supposed to touch the box apart from the face plate
so my questions are
1. if i disconnect the 2 blue wires then reconnect them back up exactly as they were will my BT Vision Box and Moden carry on working or will it need to be reset by BT
2. If im advised not to do this Can i connect a cable in the A & B terminals on the Face Plate and the other end to a New BT Box with the 2 sockets  will everything then just run as it was

Thanks for any help 
Hardware / Re: Anleitung Festplattentausc...
Last post by kaybear - 02. Jun 2013, 09:17
Hallo, hat noch jemand ein Tipp wie man den Mr 300 mit cf zum laufen bekommt???
alles funktioniert beim herunterladen. bl0ß dann kommt irgendwann ein rotes Kreuz mit 1-Punkt. Manchmal auch mit 2 punkten. Wer etwas weiß bitte Melden. :o
Software / Re: BTvision black box BT's na...
Last post by steve3123 - 12. May 2013, 15:37
Whoa, I think BTVision have done something, I was playing with my black box again last night (I live in hope) and out of sheer frustration of it rebooting I kept hitting TVGUIDE, to see if the box was actually doing something, not just hanging, after the C01 screen. It promptly displayed a scan for channels, so I told it to do so. However it got to 60% of channel scanning and froze. It did find 48 channels though. So I did a power cycle again, and it did another channel scan which promptly froze at 0% no channels found after 20 minutes.
Maybe just maybe, you guys who have way more programming knowledge than I do, can see if the box will let you in? Its never done this before so maybe its from the software update recently released by BT
Software / Re: HTML/HTTP content
Last post by FantomWizard - 05. May 2013, 21:08
I'm sorry that I'm reactivating this thread.

I managed to display a page from my web-server. Somewhere on the internet I found that the Tasman Engine supports mms streams. Now, the problem is how can I play one. Or, how can I play video from the internet/network without modding the device.
Software / Re: BTvision black box BT's na...
Last post by steve3123 - 04. May 2013, 11:50
Did try that Mick, either its my system or im doing something wrong, but I get an encrypted html address. BT have said that they are migrating everyone over to the youview system, but you know BT they say something but when they do it is a totally different manor
Software / Re: BTvision black box BT's na...
Last post by is0-mick - 25. Apr 2013, 15:52
Pity you didnt have the box connected up via a laptop to the internet or such.
Then you could sniff the data with wireshark or such, and find the URL's for the updata files etc.

Hardware / Re: PACE DIT7431/05 (Black BT ...
Last post by AnonCh4rl1 - 13. Apr 2013, 20:32
Found some interesting info here:


The BCM7405 contains three 16550A UARTs at the following addresses:
0x10400b00 - 0x10400b3f : UART 1
0x10400b40 - 0x10400b7f : UART 2
0x10400b80 - 0x10400bbf : UART 3

It says this ET9000 device also uses the same Broadcom chip so may be similiar to what is described here:


Boot process

Start executing instructions at 0xbfc00000 (boot flash, contains bootloader based on Broadcom CFE).
Initialize early boot console at UART0.
Basic CPU / system setup.
Start Broadcom CFE.
Search for flash image on external USB drive.
Offer flashing boot flash or NAND flash if flash image was found.
Load kernel in GZ compressed ELF format from NAND partition nandflash0.kernel.
Execute Linux kernel.
Load AES encrypted Broadcom drivers.
Run Enigma2 STB firmware.

Hardware / Re: PACE DIT7431/05 (Black BT ...
Last post by AnonCh4rl1 - 13. Apr 2013, 20:09

Been thinking about this the last few days..
The main chip on this is the same as the DM500HD receiver, I'd think both boxes would adhere to the same reference design or be very similar, seeing as most of the components are on a single chip.

Both boxes also appear to be little endian, so in theory it should be possible to use the DM500hd kernel / drivers on this box...

Due to jtag being disabled, I think the process of testing this would be more complicated than normal, not easy, but not impossible...

Any thoughts?


Have you tried the JTAg are you sure it's disabled? I only ask because there is mention of the JTAG points on another thread but no other info,

So does the CPU have a hypervisor type thing that restrics the code it runs?
Does this hardware run WinCE or embeded linux, If its windows I don't think I want to waste my time on it.

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