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Hardware / Re: DIT7421/05 SMP8634LF REV-C...
Last post by joca - 15. Jan 2013, 18:43
I have here also a box  ( KMM 3010-PT )with this processor ( SMP8634LF REV. C ), i tried JTAG but nothing happen, doesn't seem to be working however i was able to get some output with serial port (RS-232). I was wondering if it's possible to do something with this type of hardware ( firmware change ) since these devices are locked to the ISP ?

Software / building yamon
Last post by retina0987 - 09. Jan 2013, 15:34
Hi all,
I'm very new to hacking and playing around with the box, but doing my best. I can do some stuff already with yamon, but now I'd love to be able to build it myself so that I can play around with it and run my versions on the box.  For now I downloaded the toolchain and downloaded the yamon sourced, but if I build it myself it is half of the size of the yamon that is on the box and is completly useless. Can anyone help me - how should I build properly yamon to be able to run it on the device? 
I'm working on the x300t, and have jtag access to the bo. I'm able to start the t-hack provided yamon.bin on the box using memory patching via jtag.
Software / Firmware KISS K8006
Last post by AmNeZiS - 09. Jan 2013, 10:55
Hi everyone, i have a little problem.
Last time i'm get a KISS K8006 tuner from french clubinternet and was dead. When I turn on it, i see 'Installation' screen but nothings happened, past few minutes show screen with problem with installation and check internet connection etc. But I'm from Poland and that I know clubinternet doesn't exist anymore, when i connect LAN cable is the same. I don't want patching it, I only want watch DVB-T channels. So could anyone send me original files from hard drive or give me a PKG.DIR file url and give me few instructions? Every url what i found is dead :(

Sorry for my bad english, waiting for answers.
Linux / Re: BT to replace Microsoft Wi...
Last post by steve3123 - 28. Dec 2012, 17:35
The black box has the new linux firmware
Software / Re: BT Vision 2.0 Black Box li...
Last post by steve3123 - 28. Dec 2012, 16:40
Ive been following this with the hope to actually participate something, now i can.
I dont have my silver vision box but i can confirm this works with the black box. 


my black box has sat in the loft for almost two years, so its missed a few updates, but after being off work cos of the christmas hols, and that Bt have rolled out the ''new look vision'' linux software. I figured id try and download the latest firmware.
this works on any BB connection not just Bt.
***this will only get you the new firmware not activate your box ***

Do not plug in your ethernet cable just yet

press and hold ''ok and down''
insert power lead whilst still holding ''ok and down''
wait for the cog to come up on screen.
plug in the ethernet cable.
You should see the progress bar start to fill up once download completes
2 cogs will come up on screen and again a progress bar fills up.
once completed you will see the ''new look vision logo''
let it look for your hub, or let it come up C03 error, then go to diagnostics info, and there it is. The latest software installed on the box.
I have no knowledge of linux, but i figured this may help you.

Software / Re: BT Vision 2.0 Black Box li...
Last post by donnylad - 20. Dec 2012, 11:01
i have the Black Bt Vision box DiT7431/05 any help to get it working would be most helpful my m8 had Bt broadband now its all cut off he gave me the box and i have Bt infinity cos i don't have bt vision active on my line i get error c03 am not planning on getting bt vision active on my line if there was a way of getting to use it free view box and possibly the recording to would on it would be awesome if i do find anything i will post it up on here
Hardware / STB HY100 blocked at boot
Last post by chiochiaro - 04. Dec 2012, 09:21
Dear all,
I tried to perform a firm change on my PIRELLI STB (ALICE) HY100 receiver.

I have executed the procedure for the HY101.
The procedure has gone ok, but when i try to reboot the receiver to load the new firm from USB the receiver can't load the firm.

I tried to plugin the ethernet, but the receiver does not acquire the IP address from DHCP, so i can't communicate with him.

I know that probably I executed an wrong procedure, because I have an HY100 instead of an HY101.

Anyone know how I can recover my HY100?
Software / BT Vision 2.0 Black Box linux ...
Last post by is0-mick - 02. Dec 2012, 21:48
Just wondering if anyone has sniffed the URL / Update / Firmware for this?

Sonstiges / Re: Sehr viele Spambeiträge
Last post by yoshi2001 - 12. Nov 2012, 18:14
Ich hab zwar noch meinen halb umgebauten Mediareceiver, aber hab da schon lange nichts mehr damit gemacht.
Die USB Geschichte scheint auch nichts gebracht zu haben, und ein Offener DVB-T Festplattenreceiver (MoreTV) hatte ich mir bei Pollin gekauft.
Da scheint wohl mehr zu gehen, siehe auch dazu die Beiträge im Mikrocontroller Forum.
Und deswegen werde ich wohl den Mediareceiver wieder auf Standard zurückbauen sofern man den noch mit Entertain nutzen kann.
Sonstiges / Re: Sehr viele Spambeiträge
Last post by mce2222 - 12. Nov 2012, 17:51
es sieht nicht so gut aus...
inzwischen gibt es deutlich offenere Platformen mit besserer Performance... wie z.B.  Raspberry Pi
da lohnt sich der ganz Aufwand noch weniger als noch vor ein paar Jahren.

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