building yamon

Started by retina0987, 09. Jan 2013, 15:34

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Hi all,
I'm very new to hacking and playing around with the box, but doing my best. I can do some stuff already with yamon, but now I'd love to be able to build it myself so that I can play around with it and run my versions on the box.  For now I downloaded the toolchain and downloaded the yamon sourced, but if I build it myself it is half of the size of the yamon that is on the box and is completly useless. Can anyone help me - how should I build properly yamon to be able to run it on the device? 
I'm working on the x300t, and have jtag access to the bo. I'm able to start the t-hack provided yamon.bin on the box using memory patching via jtag.

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