BT Infinity Master Box

Started by angbobian, 08. Jun 2013, 19:28

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Hi Im new to here sorry if i have put this in the wrong section or maybe even wrong type of site  :)
Anyway i would like to know if I can Move my BT Master Box that has 2 sockets on it 1 for phone & 1 for the modem as i have had a fire installed i need to move TV and Box so i can connect the BT Vision box to TV and Modem
I now there is only 2 blue cables to move and i am quite capable and have tools to do so I do know im not supposed to touch the box apart from the face plate
so my questions are
1. if i disconnect the 2 blue wires then reconnect them back up exactly as they were will my BT Vision Box and Moden carry on working or will it need to be reset by BT
2. If im advised not to do this Can i connect a cable in the A & B terminals on the Face Plate and the other end to a New BT Box with the 2 sockets  will everything then just run as it was

Thanks for any help 

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