Connecting via VPN or Proxy from USA to germany

Started by rosskopp, 19. Mar 2014, 03:16

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i am trying to find out how to use my media box from Telekom in the USA to watch my shows from Germany.

here is what i have:
Telekom receiver X301T
Deutsche Telekom internet connection in Germany (Active)
VPN between two Fritz boxes from Germany to USA

how do i fool the Telekom receiver into thinking its in Germany by using either a VPN or Proxy connection back to my Deutsche telekom connection in Germany?

it seems that the VPN alone is not working because i get no connection to the Telekom Entertain service.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

Ross Kopp


Hi Ross,

the media receiver normally has to be connected to 1 out of 2 special out of 4 ports on the router. "special" measn "multimedia enabled".
Besides the bandwidth  (what I think is a problem besides) I assume there is a problem with vpn and/or non Telekom specified router not transporting or destroying the multimedia funtionality on that port.

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