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Started by SempreFi, 29. Nov 2014, 14:58

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Hey guys.
I'm new here so I want to share some of my knowledge.
I am releasing a free steam stealer so you do not have to spend $50 on them anymore!

I reverse engineered some Russian malware and created a builder out of it for members of HackForums to use!

-Enter your Steam64, OfferID, and OfferToken to recieve items
-Custom message that will send to all contacts on the steam friends list
-Not FUD, however most steam stealers that say they are FUD might just be detected at runtime which is why they do not get good results. I do recommend a crypter which will make this undetected.
-This builder is extremely simple and took around 5 minutes to make, please give feed back on what you think of this software!

Download link:!cMgxkaTB!FzVdg43wuR6eiIdK0boV3ifgs8gUv54zNwNO0LlJAds
If you are afraid of download, just test with sandiebox.

Any problems or questions just pm me !

[img link=][/img]


Stealer updated, chat spreader is now  working !

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