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Started by Mediahacker, 15. Dec 2009, 11:00

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I noticed a thread in the German T-Home forum about the used HDMI color model and problems with HDTV TVs. The main problem is that all receivers (MR300 and other) use the standard RGB color model (0-255) signal level which is not standard compliant and therefore many TVs display the colors wrong (much too bright, too dark...).

My question now is if this problem is know by other receivers in other countries, too. As most of them are based on PC components this may be a common problem or only the T-Home receiver manufacturer doesn't know how to read the HDMI standard...

Are such problems common or are they specific to the T-Home receivers?


its not a problem of the hardware, but a software problem.

the sigma chip can output rgb_16_235 and rgb_0_255 colorspace, so that is just a configuration issue.
however this is probably something that only microsoft can officially fix.
but I would say it is not impossible to hack the current software to use the right colorspace.

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