NK.BIN patching

Started by masterwright, 19. Jun 2011, 12:59

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Hey guys, just trying to custom patch my NK.BIN file with no success..

the CMD just returns this:

BinMod V1.0 built Apr 5 2006 11:32:47

Checking record #10 for potential TOC (ROMOFFSET = 0x00000000)
Found pTOC = 0x91e6d5a4
rom offset = 0x00000000
Error: File not found in image
Error: Replacement failed!

I defo typed everything in correctly including CD to the correct DIR.. Any suggestions?


Hi, unfortunately the same here  :( does anybody have a hint? I am working on a x301t. Is the BooterCE.exe not in the NK.BIN anymore?

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