Bootloader 1064

Started by berta_viktor, 10. Feb 2012, 20:58

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Hello my Friends!

I have CIS2001 set-top box with Microsoft IPTV Bootloader (1064). I'm interested in that someone already patched it, or have the right patch address? I want to dump and post it, but first I have to get an usb-parallel converter.

Serial output:

Code: [Select]

xosPe0 serial#f8cdfacafaa8773d0a4b6f94f3fcb2d0 subid 0x50
xenv cs2 ok
power supply: ok
dram0 ok (9)
dram1 ok (9)
zboot (0) ok

Microsoft IPTV Bootloader, Build (1064)
Built by BM-DELL-167, Jan 31 2008 21:03:53

Thank you for your help!


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