DIT9719 / DIT7421 Hack

Started by sparx, 29. May 2012, 20:30

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Hey guys,

Ordered the components to create a mod chip for this device - I have two boxes (I got a DIT9719 after the the DIT7421 as i've read about JTAG being disabled on the first one) that I got from Freecycle.

I'm currently investigating the TV2Client application, I have dabbled in C# in the past and would be quite pleased to be able to use this box for something other than a paperweight at the moment.

The only trouble is that the DIT9719 just sit's on the "BT Vision Please wait" screen, the fan then dies down, and then the screen goes blue (no signal) and the light just continually flashes at me. I've not connected it to the network as of yet (I plan to do that tomorrow) - if i'm not on BT Broadband will it still get through the disaster recovery sequence?



i put an older 40gb hdd in my  DIT9719 and let it download a fresh copy ,


The only problem that you may have, is that I heard later versions of the software disable the JTAG interface.


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