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source /path/to/smp86xx_toolchain_2.8.0.1/toolchain-path.env
source /path/to/rootfs_2.7.127.0/rootfs-path.env

Use my nfsroot kernel .config file if you are not sure about the settings <<rename this file to .config, it is not compressed>>
Recommended settings (Machine Selection screen)
Tango2 machine sel.JPG
If you are using a nfsroot : Just create an empty directory, ie mkdir ../initramfs, then edit the kernel .config and set CONFIG_INITRAMFS_SOURCE to "../initramfs", if you do not do this the kernel will use the initramfs as root and willl never mount the nfsroot
You have to tell te kernel not to use the whole ram in dram0, i.e. via mem=32M, this is required, otherwise it will crash ! The use MakeNK create a lx.bin compatible with the wince bootloader (uncheck romfs).

  • Get mrua- from "somewhere"
export UCLINUX_KERNEL=/path/to/kernel_source_2.7.127.0/linux-2.6.15/

copy /modules, bin/ and /lib to your rootfs, nfsroot, ..

mrua- && patch -p1 < ../Dbgmonodram1.gz
for more debug output and to be able to play videos from dram1 with mono (the command line option should be "-dram 1 -ve1" or something like that)
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