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Micronas drx3975d revision a2 chip

The Tuner is a tdfb-g352d made by LG Innotek and is connected via SSI/SPI to the smp8634 demux engine.

tdf - Tuner Digital oFdm NIM
b - Size : 7.7mm X 28.8mm X 67.0mm
g - Tuner Type - Germany
3 - Demodulation ic drx3975d
5 - Chassis Type - Vertical, 1 input 1 through
2 - Version
d- Jack Type, DIn Jack

It shouldn't be very hard to add Linux support, a driver supporting the drx3975d (em28xx-new) is already was available before Trident Microsystems acquired a part of Micronas' consumer division and all source code concerning the drx397xd was removed from the em28xx-new repository. There should be a backup somewhere...

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