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cant see a softmod happening, unless bt do something really stupid! (hmm then again...)

one of the other guys tried with a box similar to yours, but i think theres a few different revisions?

Maybe post a pic of your board? is there a jtag header on it?


I shall see what i can do, there don't appear to be a JTAG header on it but i have observed connections for resistors, that seem to be present and need to be added on the jtagable versions.

I will get a picture.

Edit : Attached images, on #2 i have red boxed a point of interest, what seems simular to another boards connections(Possable JTAG pins?)
I have been diging around the forums as a guest for a while now and not observed any confirmation if there is or is not a JTAG or a Softmod, that can be applyed to this box to enable unsigned code on this device.

I am intrested in using this box becouse of its LAN and USB connections mostly.

Any directions or extra info would i would be thankful for.

Edit : Upon looking around the hardware forum i noticed a simular box but this box seems to be slightly diffrent from the one posted in pictures.