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Others / DVR.MRT file
Last post by mnn - 19. Jul 2012, 14:02
I've been able to read most of information stored in this file. However, as you probably know, recordings are probably encrypted now. I believe this wasn't always the case - I have some recordings more than a year old now and they can be played back with VLC (not correctly, but still they can be).

I wasn't able to extract even those non-encrypted recordings, so basically I'm giving up. If anyone wants to pickup, where I've left off, be my guest. My source code (C#) is in the attachment.

You'll need Gibbed.IO library and ObjectListView library (well, technically you don't need that, because I only used it to display some info about dvr.mrt file).

I've not commented source code very well, so if anyone has questions about the format of dvr.mrt, please ask.
Hardware / X300T bootloader / SMP8634 rem...
Last post by foobear - 15. Jul 2012, 11:15

I have some questions about the X300T bootloader and the remap registers at 0x6f000, 0x6f004, 0x6f008, 0x6f00c and 0x6f010. The values of the remap registers are 0x13600000, 0x60000, 0x64000000, 0x58000000 and 0x48000000. What is it that gets remapped and where is it remapped to?
Hardware / Re: PACE DIT7431/05 (Black BT ...
Last post by is0-mick - 28. Jun 2012, 11:01
Is there not a settings page for the BT connection? I seem to remember a diagnostic page or network setup page? Have you tried changing that manually to match your 192.168.10.x setup?

I'm on a 10.0.0.x range, and the BT box seems to download updates.
I'm not on BT and don't have BT service, but it still seems to attempt to connect ok.

Hardware / Re: PACE DIT7431/05 (Black BT ...
Last post by Niko - 27. Jun 2012, 15:16
Hi Mick

Have now established that the btvision set top box will only connect if it receives a ip address in the range

When we got the Vigor router to give out within this range it works
However once we set up the router with a VPN tunnel back to the work network it needs to be on a different range (192.168.10. xxx)

Is there any way to change the set up on the bt vision / pace DiT 7431-05-3/405 set top box to operate over different ip range?

Unless there is it looks like I will have no option but to get a second telephone line and broadband connection which seems excessive

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide

Hardware / Re: PACE DIT7431/05 (Black BT ...
Last post by is0-mick - 25. Jun 2012, 22:57
Not sure on that one, seems a little strange, as I'm not even on BT or using a BT router. I was using a draytek vigor 2600 and the box connected to the internet no problems for updates etc.

Is there not a diagnostic page? or you could try the BT help forums?

Hardware / Re: PACE DIT7431/05 (Black BT ...
Last post by Niko - 23. Jun 2012, 00:20
Hi there

This is a long shot but just maybe you can help me with the problem I have with my BT Vision set top box which is actually the Pace DIT7431.

I have been using this without problem with my BT Infinity fibre optic broadband for some months. However I now need to set up a VPN connection to my office and this is not possible with the bt supplied Home Hub.

The IT support company from work have therefore supplied me with a Draytek Vigor 2850 vdsl router.

We set this up and it worked fine until I tried using the bt vision box. Unfortunately we could not get it to connect to the Internet. The router was giving out an ip address to the device but something is preventing it connecting and enabling me to access the on demand services.

Can anyone advise what may be preventing connection and suggest how this problem can be overcome?

Hardware / Re: PACE DIT7431/05 (Black BT ...
Last post by towme - 22. Jun 2012, 20:15
Hi guys,

I have a cisco isb 6030 lying around for approx. a year now and thought that i could use it as a mythv frontend.
then i found your forum where I read that these boxes are not x86, so little chance. Then i dismantled my box and realised that its not a sigma chip but a broadcom 7405.
So I googled again and found that broadcom supports linux and also found two interesting hardwares:
- roku picture bridge hd (which already has mythfrontend ported to it and has mips architecture)
- hummy.tv (which is a broadcom 7405 based stb with a complete linux firmware modified to watch video over the lan)

what do you think can this three (cisco, roku, hummy something) be brought together?

I have some linux compiling skills, some arduino knowledge (for the ejtag and atmega) and am willing to try risky things because don't really care if I brick the thing. Its not much use to me now, so if I can come to something its nice but if I brick it I still can use the hard drive.

Software / What`s next?
Last post by toxie87 - 21. Jun 2012, 14:23
I have succesfully installed the modchip and patched the nk.bin. I have followed the instructions from the pdf. Now the box boots up, gets an IP from the DHCP server. The power button on X300T is blinking green, it is showing the time (12:00) and T-Home. The problem is, that there is no picture. Tried with and without internet connection, s-video, hdmi....
What is the next step i should try ?
Also is there a capability to connect it with Windows Media Center ?
Hardware / Re: DIT9719 / DIT7421 Hack
Last post by is0-mick - 17. Jun 2012, 11:18
The only problem that you may have, is that I heard later versions of the software disable the JTAG interface.

Hardware / Re: Mediareceiver 500 Sat USB...
Last post by mce2222 - 14. Jun 2012, 01:35
das ist sehr unwahrscheinlich.
ich hab den MR 500 Sat zwar noch nicht gesehen, aber ich vermute das es dort genauso läuft wie auf der X300t mit DVB-T.
d.h. die Box holt sich beim Starten die Senderlisten und EPG vom T-Home Server.
dazu muss sich die Box anmelden, was nur funktioniert wenn man einen Entertain Anschluss hat.

ich habs zwar hinbekommen den Tv2Client so zu patchen, das er auch ohne Anmeldung startet, aber so richtig gut lief es nie. Die aktuelle firmware ist inzwischen schon deutlich anders als die die ich gepatched hatte.
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