Mediaroom website says MediaSharing has video support

Started by Mulder3, 23. Jul 2009, 02:14

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On MS mediaroom website, it says that the mediasharing feature has video support ( Has anyone seen any firmware with that? what about BTvision beta? does it support video?


There is video support, however it is not implemented on the versions we have had previous. I havent tried it on the latest BT Beta firmware yet, as its a big hassle to get the code into a moddable form.

We are waiting for a final release, before attempting to do anything with it.

On the older versions if you enable media sharing, then search in the strings.xml in the content folder for
  <!-- video is not supported yet but here's how you would enable it... -->
<string id="UPnP.MenuContainer.8" value="All Videos (beta)|*|8|Play home videos stored on your PC." />

and uncomment the line as i have done above, it will show video thumbnails, howerver the play functionallity is not implemented yet (not sure in the beta versions).



hey all I donot think anyone can access or programsalon from outside china.Please suggest ways to find the links to pages and codes posted there
Is there any sites like this in web

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