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Started by is0-mick, 27. Oct 2009, 10:47

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Hi Guys,
I had a quick play with the BT box last night (its been a while) as I was thinking about the possibility of playing MKV or TS files with the box.

Anyway when I was playing video with it last time and creating a new VIDEO object I was getting menu corruption when leaving the about page, and the box seemed to be in an unstable state.

Last night I discovered a nice static class 'MediaSessionManager' which seems the box uses for playing all types of media, including the DVB-T, VOD stuff etc.

In the AboutPage class add:

using Microsoft.TV2.Media;

In the OnSelect_NetworkInfo method I added the following line:

MediaSessionManager.TuneToWMSURL("test", false, g, "mms://");

This now plays wmv from the C# very reliably with no corruption to the menu system or any other unusual effects.

MediaSessionManager also has a few other TUNE methods which call the lower classes for VOD and DVR and LIVE playback.

I am going to look into the VOD and DVR playback classes to see if it is possible to playback video from a file on the hard disk.

I did try a few things like:

MediaSessionManager.TuneToWMSURL("test", false, g, @"file:\Hard Disk 2\EK06981.asf");
MediaSessionManager.TuneToWMSURL("test", false, g, @"file://\Hard Disk 2\EK06981.asf");
MediaSessionManager.TuneToWMSURL("test", false, g, @"file://Hard Disk 2/EK06981.asf");

But it seemed to generate an error of:
strWmsErrorDesc   "Playlist not open"   


You probably tried this too but I think a file url needs an extra "/"
something like "file:///Hard Disk 2/EK06981.asf"


28. Oct 2009, 10:12 Last Edit: 28. Oct 2009, 12:38 by is0-mick
I found out that its "Hard Disk2" and not "Hard disk 2" (no space)

I managed to get a mp3 file playing from disk with the following:

Code: [Select]

            string url = @"file:\\\Hard Disk2\Heart.mp3";
            string str = TV2Client.GenerateTuneOpID();
            TV2Event theEvent = new TV2Event("AV.Request.Tune");
            theEvent.Add("TuneOpID", str);
            if (url.EndsWith(".mp3", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase))
                theEvent.Add("ServiceID", "mp3://" + url);
                theEvent.Add("ServiceID", "wms://" + url);
            theEvent.Add("PipeID", "AVPipeTunerSession");
            theEvent.Add("url", url);


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