BT Vision DIT9719-05 with latest firmware howto and questions.

Started by kcip, 15. Apr 2010, 12:19

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Hi all,

Right this is both a howto and some questions.  ;D

I bought a BT Vision DIT9719/05 from a car boot sale last weekend for £8 without any knowledge of what it could be used for... to say the last few days have been interesting would be an understatement. This box had (or at least downloaded when I connected it) the latest BT software so the previous howto seems to have changed a bit. My steps to get the modchip working were (using the HowTo on the Wiki as reference):

Build the printer port programmer and flash the modchip as showin in the howto. Worked fine. Ignore the pinouts in the modchip file, the ones in the howto PDF are correct. Also, I connected red/amber/green leds with 660r resistors to pins 17/18/19 and GND to see what was happening.

Replaced BootstrapDiag.xml, NK.BIN, Start.xml, TV2ClientCE.exe and tv2config.xml. NK.bin was a challenge as the latest firmware seems to have changed the way the security checks are performed. I created a new NK.BIN as follows:

binmod.exe -i nk.bin -e default.hv
binmod.exe -i nk.bin -e boot.hv
Use a hex editior and search for .=00:
S.i.g.C.h.e.c.k.F.i.l.t.e.r...d.l.l      (53 00 69 00 67 00 43 00 68 00 65 00 63 00 6b)
Do this in both default.hv and boot.hv. Change the filename to end dl1 instead of dll. Save the files with the same names.
binmod.exe -i nk.bin -r default.hv
binmod.exe -i nk.bin -r boot.hv

The box now boots with error C03 but I can select Diagnostic info and use options I've created in BootstrapDiag.xml including browsing XHTML web pages.

I seem to have the following issues however:

When I press TV Guide the box gives the option to start scanning, then freezes. I suspect I need a replacement TV2Client but can't find one or everything needed to create one.

I can browse XHTML files and was hoping I could embed or stream video or audio. I can't seem to find any XHTML that the box supports to di this.

The reset point in the diagram (notes as the wrong one in the howto) dosn't seem to work and the other shown location dosn't appear to be present on my DIT9719/05. Can anyone advise the best place to find one?

So really I need to get either a working TV2client for digital TV or some working XHTML to view content online for the box to be of use. Can anyone give me some pointers at to how to solve either of these?



Glad to see someone new having a play :)

I haven't had a lot of time over the last few months to do a great deal. We reversed an older version of the software back to C# which is what we have been altering / playing with. Unfortunately this has not been done with the newer version you have downloaded.



Just want to add for anyone who can't find the reset location - it's (of course) under the hard disk. For some reason I was thinking it would be near the card slot.


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