Kiss K8006 - Media Player / Media Center

Started by BlackChicken, 07. May 2010, 17:42

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I'm new on this website. Please apologize if my question is ridiculous.

I got a Kiss K8006 from the dead french ISP "Club Internet". From what I have been seeing so far, the box looks the same.
As the IPTV service is not provided anymore, I was wondering if I could do anything interesting whit this box or if I should throw it away. Reading some post, I understood that I might be possible to use it as a media player / media center. Is this correct ?

Thanks, BlackChicken


in theory it is possible to use the box as media player, however there is no pre-made distribution of such a firmware.
so it would definately need some programming skills to use the box as media player.
and the second problem is that the cpu only starts signed code, therefore a modchip is needed to patch the bootloader in memory to allow booting of modified systems.

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