BT Vision BOX real world application after chip mod Idea.

Started by hdmadness, 17. Aug 2010, 09:46

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Before i begin please forgive me coz i am not really clued up in programming and staff but i would to maybe have a brain storming session here.

In resent times there have been developments from Microsoft in accordance to the media center  playing videos and the intro of skyplayer for uses to watch through the media center.

Well my idea is we try and get say like media center on the the box and with network to access these videos. and or/

adding other on demand content such as 4 od etc

also looking at adding a browser or facebook app - if this can work then user can access videos via webpage apps

I think we have to move away from trying to hack bt and there service and look at other ways of using this silver piece of shit bt gives us lol

lets see where this goes


i Have a moded box and just trying to get a feel of what is next for this project


How is your box modified? can you use usb or lan ports? Have some idea's myself for this box if i can get access to the OS.


Is there a chance we could get Android OS on it? worth a go see if we could make some Apps to use as GUI


There is an android version for later SMP chips, it may work on our box. I think some of the other guys have had it "nearly" running.
I did read that there may not be enough memory on out box to get it working properly..



android needs specific kernel patches.
we have a working android kernel for SMP864x and SMP865x... it also works for SMP863x but it does not have the drivers for the SMP863x components like IDE.
it should be possible to port the drivers to this much newer kernel version, but I have no idea how much needs to be adjusted.

second problem is the audio/video driver. The sigma-android implementation uses DCCHD, which is a directFB implementation.
DCCHD is also available for SMP863x so it might work, but there could be android specific modifications in the android DCCHD... nobody tested that yet.

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