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Started by bucko, 08. Dec 2010, 04:04

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hi all

iv got a couple of bt vision boxes, and now iv left bt i wanna look into modding them , im new to modding these kinda things and im not so familiar with the hardware either , although i have modded more than my fair share of games consoles.

the boxes i have are both the same, they are the black bt vision boxes just over a year old im unsure of the model numbers or anything but heres a pic 

if anybody could point me in the right direction of a decent tutorial if these boxes are able to be modded i would be very grateful.

btw one of the boxes hasnt been plugged in since about april this year so will not have any updates etc if any since then the other one has been disconnected for about 6-8 weeks maybe abit longer if this is any help.


how many boxes do you have?
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Think I'd hang fire on them until BT release linux on them and ditch winCE, which is apparently happening soon from what I read....

Altho even if they do that, I'd suspect the boxes use secure boot, so it's not going to be an easy mod as such.. altho still possible :)


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