Playing video and audio on a KMM3010 with linux

Started by BirdOfPrey, 05. Jun 2011, 23:55

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First of all thank you for your amazing wiki page, it has helped me a lot!!
I've got a hold of a KMM3010 board based box, using natively WinCE, like the x300t box.
First I enabled the Jtag with the pictures available on your wiki, then dumped the image with the EJTAG De-Brick tool and started to understand the structure of the flash.
After this I started to play with linux.
I used the current Rti Core git for azbox to compile a kernel for the box and packed it using the amazing tool from mce2222, MakeNK.exe.
The kernel and the azbox image loaded beautifully, but I have no audio or image even with the em8xxx.ko and llad.ko modules correctly loaded on the kernel. No /dev/fb/0 is present.:(
I tried to compile the Mrua module with the 2.6.15 kernel, but still no go for picture or audio.
So I think the loading of ucodes on boot must be missing or incorrect and after much searching on this forum I couldn't understand how you guys could play audio and video on the x300t on these threads:

I also found this thread saying that it will play audio and video on a pirelli box, with an azbox modified image from the great mce2222. The problem is that I can't get the yamon command to work and I can't find any way to uncompress the kernel from the lzma to try to see if any audio or video is enabled on this board.

Is there any kernel/image combination that I can try to see if I can enable the audio and video on this board?
The box has and hdd and after uncompressing the etc.bin I found the audio and video microcodes. Can I load these in any way on linux? Os is there any other technique to enable the multimedia part?

Thank you in advance


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Any developments on this?
I'm very interested in transforming my KMM3010 in a media center of some kind, but I don't even know how and where begin...


the problem with the Mediaroom boxes is that they are using Sigma chips with Production Keys in it. so you need an MRUA with production keys in it.
unfortunately the only working MRUA that we found so far, is a very old version 2.7.127... but using that you can get full audio/video on Mediaroom boxes.

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