No where to connect modchip!

Started by masterwright, 19. Jun 2011, 11:11

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Hey Guys, I was really sort of hoping my first post would be more constructive but instead its more of a plea for help...

I have read through the articals regarding adding a ATmega8 16 Chip to the board and making a custom board for this chip (with LED's etc). I have the componants for the board (appart for ATmega8 chip yet), trip to maplins i think! anyway; I was looking at is0-mick's tut' on how to mod the box (very constructive and very detailed!), however on my BT vision box (free from an old subscription) there is no where to connect up the modded board, and no terminals to solder a jumper on to.. i am looking where it shows on the diagram, up by the yellow mark on the CPU to the right, but there is no connectors. Is there any alternative to working around this, or am i stuffed once again by BT for giving me the unmoddable box (perhaps they found out and modified the connections)...

Anyway I am 15 years old, but im a very big fan of electronics and hacking and will be very willing to contribute my findings. perhaps if no work has been done on this box i will start it off, exploring all possibilities ... But for now i was just wondering is there a work around for tagging this box..

Many thanks, Joseph



Oh and By the way my box is a BT VISION one the model is DIT7421/05
S/N 0823021S6L ....
W/ SIGMA DESIGNS SMP8634LF media processor...

There is no obvious JTAG connection,,,

thanks joseph


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