T-Home X301T Unlock is it possible?

Started by jaybee207, 06. Jul 2011, 17:59

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hello everyone, I have T-Home X301T, and I'm not in Germany and I cant start up this box

say: ERRCODE: B002

Does have some modded software for this box to unlock and to can play IP channels ?

please reply.

sorry for my bad english


177 views no answer  :-\ i just wanna know is it possible?  i think no , but this is forum for those boxes  must be something to do with this box. please reply does have some solution to make this box to work.

i know i cant watch T-com channels for free, but this box have locked windows CE, does have some trick to unlock windows and open desk? and to add new software to watch free IP channels with this box

must be something



There was something written in the wiki how to activate something like DVB-T or a slight "PC Type" but I don't think it is capable in showing IPTV from other providers
Telekomiker mit X301T an Entertain Comfort 16TV Anschluss


I have no idea what that error code means.
anyway. the security of that box is quite high, so without modchip you cannot install anything that is not officially delivered.

but even with a modchip it is still difficult to get something to work.

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