NR01 problem with modchip on DiT9719

Started by 7.4, 06. Oct 2011, 14:18

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After three years I've dug out my old BTVision DiT9719 box to have a play.
It is an old version with just the NK.bin and no ETC.bin.

I'd long since removed the HDD after backing up the original files. I've now fitted a much smaller (500mb HDD formatted FAT32) and restored the original files on this. I've replaced BooterCe.exe in NK.bin and start.xml, BootstrapDiag.xml and tv2config.xml in the Contents folder.  But I've not done anything with TV2ClientCE.exe.  I could not find a replacement or details of what to patch. I also did the CRC correction with NKpatcher.exe.

I programmed and verified OK an Atmega8 modchip and installed it (no LEDS) and double checked pinouts/solders etc.

When I boot the box I just get error NR01. I do not know whether this is because the modchip is not working or because TV2ClientCE.exe is not patched. I did notice that the reset pin remains high (3.3v). Should it just go high briefly when the box starts and then go low again?

When the box is connected to the internet it downloads a new version of firmware but I've not let this be installed

Is there any way to check what the problem is?  Or is there something else I've forgotten and I need to do?

Can someone let me have a patched TV2ClientCE.exe.

Many thanks for any help.


OK, so I've now added the LEDs.
I get
Yellow - for about 20 seconds
Yellow and Green - very briefly
Yellow and Green and Red - for about ten seconds
then just Green....

I think this is correct?  Yes?

But... and NR01 whilst the box downloads from internet. :(
So I guess the modchip is working OK but something else is wrong.  Any ideas anyone please.



I discovered I was using the X30xT version of the modchip hex.  I've now re-programmed with Mick's BTvision version.

I'm now confident the modchip is working correctly
Yellow - for about 5 seconds
Yellow and Green - very briefly
Yellow and Green and Red - for about 4 seconds
then just Green....

..... but I'm still getting NR01 on screen.
Is it OK to use an old HDD with just one partition or do i have to emulate the original HDD?


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