Could this be the answer to our prayers ... BT to upgrade Vision boxes to Linux

Started by Plasma, 03. Feb 2012, 09:35

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Hi guys,
          Been a long time since I was here but I came across this new article and though I'd share it with you ...

BT are to upgrade their Vision boxes, over the air, with Linux and ditch Microsoft CE.



Looks like the sigma based box isn't getting the update :(
So only the black Broadcom based boxes..,5701



Then I for sure will be dumping the 2 silver boxes.
Not going to bother with the other Black BT boxes, looks like the same pain.
The rapsberry Pi is looking like it will be an interesting project instead....


Actually it sound like the silver boxes will get the update, just at a later date than the black boxes.,5701

Quote from: BT Vision
I've a silver BT Vision+ box, can I still get the service?
Everyone with BT Vision will get the new service eventually, but the silver BT Vision+ box won't receive the update yet.


with any luck should make it alittle easyier to get a custom linux on the box with the update

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