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Started by throwawaymyface, 24. Feb 2012, 03:04

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Hi there, I have a Motorola VIP 1232.
With it, I am experiencing problems on one of the video on demand stations provided by my provider. It just so happens, this is the only reason I have this IPTV service for.

Essentially, when there is 5.1 encoded content on this station, I receive a clicking noise on my rear left and right surround sound speakers. It happens with about 80% of the content, which is provided by a single company to the ISP. I have exhausted their troubleshooting and replaced the box and the issue persists.

I am able to analyze some traffic from the box to my router, but I am not able currently to see traffic that comes back from the router to the box.

This issue, to me, seems entirely on the content providers side as none of my other 5.1 devices exhibit any problems and as far as I can tell, no broadcast 720p 5.1 stations give me this issue either.

My provider is very insistent this is a problem they can fix, but I am fed up of paying $100 a month for this service and experiencing this issue since I got it in January.

Is there any way for me to analyze inbound traffic, so that I can find the common vectors using a hex compare to see if in fact, the audio problem that exists is embedded in each set of packets?


if the content is encrypted then there is most likely no way to analyse the decrypted content.

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