Started by is0-mick, 29. Aug 2008, 17:27

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Thanks for the info.  I was looking at printing a PCB to put the chip, resisters and a DB25 port on.  Would this below be suitable before I go through and etch it!



Yeah, looks OK, although seems a bit extreme for what you actually need.
Just use veroboard?

Personally I just programmed the chip, then just solder a few wires direct to it. Then just hot glue it with the legs in the air to the card reader pcb :) (i've done a few).

I don't think I've updated the firmware since I first got it no real need to reprogram it again.



Ah ok, on the DB25 port, do I really need to link 12 to 2 and 11 to 3?

Also are the resisters 330ohm 1/4 watt?



unsure about the 12 to 2 and 11 to 3 cant quite remember.. its been a while since I needed to program one of these :D

you can proably skip the resistors even, there just there for protection. It worked fine for me without them :P



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This is the board that Pete (DarkNeo) made for my box

There is a hookup on there for JTAG to the box ISP to the programmer and the last is for the serial port for debugging.

The Schematic is here we used the full modchip one.

I hope Neo doesnt mind me hotlinking the image from his webalbum.


Thanks warrmr - will probably go down the veroboard route.  Just need to work out where to break the track.

Is the serial worth putting on?  What sort of debug does it give?



The serial was only useful for use on the initial setup as its not used once the modchip is up and running.

We had an issue where it was not patching the box correctly and we couldent work out why. so we hooked it upto the serial and we found out that the modchip wasnt interupting the processor correctly and was getting an incorrect processor ID.

It turned out the box i had the JTAG had been disabled so i wacked it up on EBAY and then baught a older revision that had JTAG enabled. that has some info on the problems we had with my box.


Do we really need to use a modchip ?

I have a BT Vision box that I will either use to convert or if things go bad will just recover the hard disk.
I currently use a thomson freeview box but it keeps crashing.

Have not got a clue on where to start with making the modchip.

But love attempting to convert things.



hi there can someone help me with this receiver a friend of mine gave me this bt vision box and i woud like to know with this box i got a dreambox .so can i change the software from the provider?
how?i don't want to chip because i don't know how to do it an my interest is to record filmes and use this for media
many thanks


without modchip you cannot change anything on the boxes, so it is an absolute must-have.


Hi Mick,
Could you please have a look at this board?
It is slightly different from your pdf, I do not have the JTAG connector.
Any idea?


Only thing I can think to try is to meter from the pins on the chip

and see if the points go anywhere on the board...
Is this a BT box? if so what model?



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Thank's Mick,
I will try to follow the paths from the chip and let yoy know.
It's oryginal BT Vision box bought in 11/2008.
This box contain new rev. of the media chip.
In your pdf there is 0711 rev. B mine is 0822 rev.C - is there any difference?

BT Vision
DIT7 421/05

S/N: 0834033....




Was wondering - did you keep the motherboard in place when soldering or remove it. The USB pad is pretty small. Also, can you still record or do you currently have a "Freeview Receiver" only?




Motherboard was in place, no need to remove it. USB pad is fairly small.. not as small as soldering directly to a tsop or whatever tho :D

Freeview only at the moment, I haven't had a lot of time to contribute to the project lately due to family and personal circumstances :(


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